As a CEO, a major area that you should be focusing on is “Communication”. The way you communicate is critical to how your organization will “execute” for you. After all, what you’re looking for is a high performing team, a team that can consistently deliver results. High performing teams are…

Re-forecasting your P&L for Active Business Management — Kunal Chopra

As a business manager or CEO, I’m sure you’ve heard of the word “Plan”. Terminology such as “We’re on track to plan” or “We’re 110% to plan” is very normal in business vocabulary. If you haven’t heard of these terms, don’t sweat it.

I’m here to explain.

The “Plan” here…

Today’s Competitive Environment

Today’s business environment is what I call a fast environment. In a fast environment, things happen very quickly. In particular, your organization might find itself encountering threats and opportunities. To be a successful organization, you have to react quickly and effectively to those threats and opportunities. That’s what it means…

Recently, there was an argument at my workplace on what exactly defines a startup, so I thought I’d write a post on how I would define a startup.

A startup is any company that is NOT profitable and has a limited CASH runway.

Let’s break down these statements in greater…

Kunal Chopra

CEO Kaspien (NASDAQ:KSPN), Microsoft and Amazon General Manager, Groupon Product Leader, MBA Chicago Booth, MS Clemson, Startup COO

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